Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Time for Trivia!

We have reached that point in the Foreign Service cycle once again—we are pretty certain where we’re going next, and we’re ready to share that information with the world. Last time, we made the announcement via a “Where Are We Going?” trivia game with a prize. We thought it was fun. We hope you did, too, because we’re doing it again!

The game will work the same way it did last time. Over the course of 10 days, I’ll post 10 clues. You can submit your guesses via comment or email (reflectionsqa AT gmail DOT com) –don’t worry; comments are under moderation, so your guess won’t be visible to others. Guesses should include both city and country, and your guess should include your email address (don't worry; I won't give, sell, or spam your email address). Everyone is eligible to enter, even those few who already know where we’re going, but extra entries are available for those whom we have not told. The sooner you submit the correct answer, the more entries you receive in the drawing for the prize. You can submit more than one guess, but only your last one will count.

I do request that families decide whether they will submit one family entry or individual entries for each person. If you choose to submit a family entry, then by all means, discuss the clues and come up with the best guess you can as a family! But if your family submits guesses under multiple names—mom, dad, each child—then I ask that the family not work together and, most especially, not coordinate guesses, as that would be unfair to individuals and smaller families. In other words, don’t decide as a family that your top four guesses are Countries A, B, C, and D, and then have mom, dad, and two kids each submit a guess for a different one of those so that one of you is bound to be right. By the same token, please don't come to a single decision as a family and then submit it under four different names to increase your chances of winning. Of course I can’t enforce this request, but I do ask that you behave honorably.

For my Facebook and forum friends, please note that guesses submitted on my timeline or in any public forum will not count. You can comment here, email me, or send me a private message.

This competition is open to everyone. The prize is a $10 gift certificate to, to be delivered by email. For that reason, your entry must contain a valid email address. The game starts today, 9 April, with the first clue (below). The final entry will be posted on 18 April, and the drawing for the winner will occur on 19 April. The winner will be notified by email and posted on the blog (I will not share the email address).

As with last time, here’s a “free” clue: Although guesses must include both city and country, that’s not too difficult to do, since we’ll be living in the capital city. If you figure out the country, the city is easy, and vice versa.

Now, without further ado, here is your first clue:

We won’t be adding a new continent to our list this time.

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