Sunday, April 13, 2014

Trivia Clue #5

As you probably know, we’re announcing our next post by trivia game!

Our previous clues were:

1) We won’t be adding a new continent to our list this time.
2) I hope that citizens of our new home keep themselves well-informed of current events, especially political events. After all, every adult citizen is required by law to vote.
3) We like to buy a few local “treasures” to remind us of our time in different locations. With our new post, that’s likely to include some olive wood—at least I assume that a country that’s known for olives also will have carvings made from olive wood.
4) I am thrilled that the homeschooling schedule we plan to follow will have us studying Ancient History while we are at our next post. There are countless nearby places we can go for relevant field trips! The difficulty will be picking the best ones so we still have time for the in-home schooling.

Today’s clue is:

For the first time since leaving the United States, we’ll be living in a country where the culture and population is identified more strongly with Christianity than with any other religion.

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