Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Where Are We Going? Final Clue!

As I told you last week, we're announcing our next assignment via a trivia game, complete with a prize! If you missed it, you can check out the rules and method of entry here.

Here are the previous clues:

  1. We'll actually have winter again! With snow! But we'll also have warm-to-hot, dry summers.
  2. I'll still be in the religious minority; only about 10% of the population is Christian.
  3. We'll be living in yet another poor country. Almost half of the population is unemployed, and the average per capita income is around $6,500/year.
  4. As of 2010, the country boasted only 8 airports, 4 of them with paved runways.
  5. It'll be our smallest capital city yet. The population is only 10% the size of Phnom Penh's.
  6. The country has two official languages. If you use the wrong one in the wrong area, you may find yourself in trouble!
  7. Once I move there, I will have lived on a total of four continents.
  8. This country was at war even more recently than Cambodia! It's one of the newest countries in the world, recognized by some--but not yet all--of its neighbors.
  9. It's a small country, not quite 11,000 square kilometers. The whole country has about as many people living in it as Phnom Penh, our current city!

And here is the final clue:

The name of the capital city rhymes with a popular feminine English name.

That's it, people; those are all of the clues. I will be accepting guesses via comment or email ( until 7pm Cambodian time tomorrow, 19 April 2012. Sometime on  Friday, 20 April, or possibly after 7pm tomorrow night, I'll put up a post with the answer and with the first name of the winner. The winner also will be notified by email, possibly when the electronic gift card shows up!

You have 24 hours to enter your final guesses. Good luck!

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