Monday, May 14, 2012


Rainy season is here, and I’m surprised to realize that I love it.

Right now, the rain is pouring outside. I can hear it throughout the house, even in the playroom, smack in the middle of the house, with no windows. It’s such a relaxing sound, a constant yet irregular beat against the roof, against the tile surrounding our house. I used to love falling asleep to that sound, and although it doesn’t rain at bedtime here and now, it still makes me feel all snug and comfy inside my house.

Alexa loves it, too. We just spent a good 15 minutes on the porch, watching the rain fall and splash into puddles on the ground, hearing the patters and splashes, seeing the sky light up, listening for the rumbling thunder soon to follow. We stood around 10 feet from the edge of the roof and still got damp from the wind-driven spray. Alexa cried when I made her come inside.

The rain washes everything clean outside. Dust and grime wash away. Colors become vibrant. Everything gets a good shower, and objects low to the ground get a bath, as the rain is so heavy that the water can’t all drain away until it stops falling. My house is surrounded by a lake ranging from half an inch to two or three inches deep.
The air is cooled. The oppressive heat and humidity are broken, as the sky lets loose its water and the temperature drops by ten degrees. What felt like a miserably hot summer day becomes a comfortable spring day, with a pleasant chill when the wind gusts.

And all these benefits come at a predictable time. The rain starts around 3pm. All morning, errands can be run in tuk tuks with open sides, or on foot, with no concerns about getting wet from anything other than your own sweat. Friends can be met for coffee or lunch, and the cute sandals can be worn in place of the water-friendly Crocs. When the heat and humidity get to be too much, you simply think to yourself “It’ll be better once the rain starts.”

Yes, I am loving rainy season. Hopefully I’ll say the same in another four months ...


  1. Sounds very similar to rainy season here, too, right down to the "3 pm showers" bit. I find that I love it, except on those days it misbehaves and rains early, or all day. Rare, but happens. Today, in fact, is such a day.

    May you continue to enjoy it all through the rainy season and not miss it too terribly when dry season returns.

  2. I'm sure I'll have issues with it when it comes at an unexpected time! I wonder if I'll get tired of it, especially once the hot-rainy season turns into the cool-rainy season. I remember from last year loving the cool-dry season as well, so it'll probably be a nice transition and I won't miss the rain until the hot season comes around again in January or February.

  3. Each day the rain will start a little earlier and will last a little longer until the rain continues almost constantly all day and all night. Then, the rain will stop for a short time and that short time will become longer and longer each day until you find yourself back in the dry season again.

    That's how it used to be a few miles over to the east during 26 months in Vietnam.

    Enjoy it !!!!!



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